The Moon Book 3rd Edition

$19.95 (an additional mailing charge will apply)

Published: 2016. Print and ebook.

180 pages. Full color contents.

The Moon Book provides comprehensive information about the Earth's nearest neighbor. From new moons to full moons, the movements of the Moon are explained and placed in perspective. Topics include: orbit and rotation, the lunar month, moon phases, moonrise and moonset, seasonal changes, eclipses, moon brightness, earthshine, lunar tilt, librations, tides, photographing the moon, history of moon observation, the creation of the moon, native American names of the full moons, moon calendars, names of the Moon in major languages, native American moon names, vital statistics of the Moon, time conversions, and more. A resources section guides readers to books, magazines, organizations, and Web sites that have additional information and a glossary provides clear explanations of terms associated with astronomy and the Moon. An extended section provides a critical explanation of "blue moons."

The first edition of The Moon Book was published in 1988; the second edition came out in 1998. This third edition has additional contents and expanded features. Along with the annual Moon Almanac (see below), it is associated with The Moon Calendar, issued every year since 1981.




The Moon Almanac 2024

$9.95 (an additional mailing charge will apply)

Published: October 2023. Print and ebook.

36 pages. Full color contents. 8"x6".

For hundreds of years, American publishers have produced annual almanacs with the dates and times of su n rise and sun set, moon rise and moon set, and other specifics related to daily and seasonal cycles of nature. First launched in 2011, we present an almanac devoted solely to the cycles of the Moon: The Moon Almanac. In 36 pages, exact times of moon rise, moon set, full and new moons, and other Moon specifics are presented in an easy-to-use digital format. Unlike other annual publications, The Moon Almanac provides these times for each time zone in the United States and with some Moon cycles, exact times for major cities. Also included are the points on the horizon where each full moon of the year can be seen rising -- specified for 15 major cities -- a practical guide for romantics, amateur astronomers, and photographers. Other features include a guide to special dates when major planets and stars can be seen near the Moon in the night sky; details of lunar and solar eclipses ; the traditional names of the full moons for every calendar month; dates and brief backgrounds for the major religious holidays associated with the Moon; and a general guide to the extreme high and low tides for the year. One of our special features -- not found elsewhere -- is a unique graphic chart showing the relative amounts of moonlight for every day of the year.

The Moon Almanac is associated with The Moon Calendar, available from The Experiment Publishing in a handy card-sized printed format.



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